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St Michael's Chapel

900 Horseblock Road

Farmingville , NY


  This website is  is NOT sanctioned or approved by the SSPX.  


       Where the Traditional Latin Mass is said every Sunday.


   Hello, and welcome to the website for Saint Michael's Chapel.




        First Friday: mass is at 7:30 PM followed by a Holy Hour, Exposition and All-Night Adoration and Benediction.

         First Saturday: mass is at 6 PM, or 7:30 when following First Friday.

         Holy Days of Obligation are at 7:30 or as announced

          Confession : is one half hour before mass

           Holy Rosary is said before every Sunday mass and Wednesdays at 8 PM


Sacraments:  For all sacraments, please call Fr.

   Baptism- children should be Baptized as soon after birth as possible. This is a parent's first responsibility to the new child. It should not be postponed for any reason. Limbo is a real place.

    Extreme Unction - if there is any cause to believe that a person is in need of this sacrament, please do not put it off. Call Father immediately.

      House Blessings and Enthronement - call for an appointment with Father 


Phone numbers:

Please call Fr  at 203-431-0201



Our Groups

     St Michael's has the following groups for our parishoners:

    Kingship Of Christ - A nationwide organization of traditional men who accept their manly duty to take a public stand for Christ the King. Meetings are every second Saturday at 6:45 Pm

     Knights of the Cross - For parish boys ages 6 and up

      Rosary Society

      Holy Name Society



         We do NOT have a CCD program. Our children learn time honored, traditional Church teaching from venerable catechisms like the St Joseph catechism.  A child must be 6 to start.

   Catechism classes for children are on Sunday

     Catechism for adults is Saturday after mass


St. Michael's Chapel is administered by priests from the SSPX and is not sedevacanist. All Catholic's may go to mass here and not be in schism.  If you have any questions, please call Fr who will be able to allay your fears, give you documentation, and allow you to attend St Michael's with a clear conscience.


    St Michael's runs a unmistakably Catholic bookstore at 900 Horseblock Road in Farmingville, right next to the Chapel. You will find all kinds of edifying books, artistic Catholic statues, unique rosaries and chaplets - everything you need to uplift your Catholic spirit. Please come visit us!

Our hours are:

Wed - Sat - 10 am - 4pm

Sundays -     8:30 am - 9:30 am  and 11:30 am - 12:30 pm